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Megson wants Davies to be a 'handful' for Rafa's men

by Will Swanson. Published Sat 29 Aug 2009 10:37

Bolton boss Gary Megson has called on Kevin Davies to be a 'handul' for Liverpool today.

He said: "What Rafa (Benitez) has had when they've played us is that they always seemed to include Hyypia in their side, because of the threat of Kevin Davies.

"But they can't do that any more. So they'll have to find someone else who can cope with that.

"And, let's face it, Kevin can be a handful. He has a lot of qualities.

"Davo is particularly strong. He's a powerful lad and, if he plays to his strengths, then he gives you a good outlet.

"But anyone who can stick out Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Jamie Carragher and Jose Reina, that's a fantastic team.

"So Liverpool will not really be feeling the pressure that much."


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