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Megson tells Elmander he has to toughen up

by Will Swanson. Published Wed 26 Aug 2009 19:50

Bolton boss Gary Megson has told misfiring striker Johan Elmander he needs to get to grips with the physical aspects of the Premier League.

Signed last season for £10 million, the Swede has failed to find the net in 21 matches, with his last goal coming last December.

Speaking after watching his side's 1-0 win at Tranmere, Megson said: "Johan and myself are intrinsically linked and I've told him that," said Megson.

"At half-time last night there were a few strong words and he has to step up to the plate but he looked much more like it yesterday.

"He got hold of it and must have had three or four opportunities at goal - although I must say he is not the luckiest player in the world.

"His header from six yards the goalkeeper just threw his arm up in the air and it went over and his shot went around the post but he has to keep plugging away.

"He gets criticism because of the amount of money he costs and the way he plays when he sometimes looks a bit mardy but he has got to get over that.

"He works his socks off, he has a great deal of pace and ability but he has got to get stronger.

"He has to be strong enough mentally and physically to get through this run that he is in."


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