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Bolton Wanderers on upward curve insists boss Freedman

by Kieran Evans. Published Mon 04 Nov 2013 13:45, last updated: 04/11/13

Bolton Wanderers manager Dougie Freedman has insisted his side can achieve success this season despite their dreadful start.

Wanderers beat Bournemouth 2-0 on Saturday and are now unbeaten in six matches and have risen to ninth in the Championship.

"With the group of players I have got and the backing of the club we can achieve whatever we want to achieve," Freedman said after the game.

"We have had a disappointing start, we cannot forget that, and we have to make up for it now. But today we showed how much quality and determination we have got and that can spring us up the table.

"We have not been beaten that many times this season and are now looking at a team which is now six unbeaten. I feel we have enough in the dressing room to keep the run going."


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